It’s panning out to be an exciting and busy year ahead! From a studio perspective, Zee’s working on four albums…so she’s literally living at OH Studios, and currently producing an amazing Hillbilly band, The Wampus Cats. It started as a few days’ recording but soon turned into a full production.

As soon as that’s finished, her dear friend and collaborator, Morten will be flying in at the end of this month to work on new tracks for a forthcoming new SlOWTRAINSOUL album release.

Zee’s juggling Z-STAR and Z-STAR DELTA productions in late Spring. Putting the finishing touches on Z-STAR’s 16 Tons of Love, and recording/producing new tracks for the first official Z-STAR DELTA album.

So thank you for your patience (especially you Pledgers), you’ll be rewarded three-fold in 2017!