Voodoo Dragon Risin’

Band :
Title : Voodoo Dragn Risin'
Release Date : January 12, 2000
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Zee’s first self-released solo album ~ most tracks were recorded in her bedroom studio on a old Tascam 4-Track tape recorder with Zee playing all of the instruments, guitar, bass, percussion…Some tracks were co-produced with Dutch artist Ambush & UK hip hop producer DJ Solo. The result was an organic mix of sample loops and live instruments used to create a Bluroots sound.

“After being in loud cathartic bands I wanted to strip back, I needed some inner peace, I needed my roots, I wanted to feel like i was back in Trinidad soaking up that sweet Caribbean sound, I left the heavy rock behind but the blues dub triphop vibe stayed with me, it was the blueprint for my future electro adventures with SlowTrainSoul .”