Who Loves Lives

Band :
Title : Who Loves Lives
Release Date : December 7, 2004
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Released in Italy to great acclaim in 2004, on EMI Records. Produced by Zee Gachette and Vezio Bacci. “You could imagine this album as the follow-up to the famous Strange Fruit” – Tutto

This album is a lush, cinematic soundscape. The first single Lost Highway is a modern blues classic inspired by Director David Lynch, about two outsiders rebelling against social conforms. Other tracks include the bossa-funk fuelled Driven championed by BBC Radio 1 DJ Giles Petersen. The flamenco blues explosion of Rosemarys Last Kiss. Summer Rain saunters in with its dark acoustic that builds into a hypnotic ending ignited by a 24 piece string section. And then there’s Slow Dancin which became a number one hit in Italy in it’s remixed format “Slow Dancin’ Dans La Maison”  by Gabin.